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Healthcare Careers Provide Best Opportunities for Women
Women’s role in the American workforce is at the forefront of public conversation this year, a result of the presidential election. From the Ledbetter Act, to binders full of women, there’s growing interest in the opportunities women have – and don’t have – in today’s job market. More women are graduating from college than men, yet an American Association of University Women (AAUW) study finds that a disparity in pay exists from the outset after graduation. Men are likely to be paid a dollar for every 77 cents a woman with the same credentials earns, the study says. And yet, ... more
Working Across Generations
In today’s workplace, texting Millennials in jeans work alongside baby boomers, who entered the workforce wearing suits long before the Internet was in common use. Sandwiched in between are Gen Xers, who have their own unique history and a decidedly entrepreneurial spirit. There’s been plenty of buzz about generation gaps in the workplace, but what’s really happening behind the scenes? And how are companies keeping smart, skilled employees—of every age and life stage—happy and productive? Savvy companies are finding that generational diversity brings a special richness to the workplace, and they’re actively fostering relationships between employees of different ages. The ... more
Tips For Retirees Returning To Work
If there is a shift going on in the job market today, it has a lot to do with the age of the American worker. A recent study shows "baby boomers" may work well into their late 70s. But even more interesting is the number of retirees who are finding themselves in need of employment again. If you are retired and considering re-entering the job market, there are a few important elements to consider. First, consider your skill set. If, for example, you are an experienced sales rep, it is critical that you are aware of and proficient in the ... more
Companies Sign Amicus Brief In Support Of Marriage Equality
Four DiversityInc Top 50 companies are among 23 employers that have signed on to an amicus brief in support of same-gender marriage. The four are Cummins (No. 15), Marriott International (No. 16), Target (No. 22) and WellPoint (No. 29). In addition, Pfizer, one of DiversityInc’s 25 Noteworthy Companies, also joined. The brief has been submitted as part of an appeal that will be heard on Aug. 26 in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago regarding the legality of same-gender-marriage bans in Indiana and Wisconsin. The court initially was scheduled to hear separate cases when federal judges overturned bans ... more
Employment Discrimination Can Exist Without Accommodation Requests
Controversial hiring practices based on appearance or other discriminatory bases are subject to penalization without accommodation requests, the Supreme Court ruled. Justice Antonin Scalia said, “Title VII forbids adverse employment decisions made with a forbidden motive whether this motive derives from actual knowledge, a well-founded suspicion or merely a hunch.” In his written decision, joined by six other justices, Scalia explained further that, “An employer may not make an applicant’s religious practice, confirmed or otherwise, a factor in employment decisions.” READ MORE AT ERE.NETmore