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Finding the Right Employment for You
Unfortunately, most people do not put forth enough thought into their employment until they are already on the job. When the economy is less than perfect, job seekers feel an additional stressor that makes them believe they need to quickly accept any position offered to them, as they are afraid they will not receive another offer. Some people take a job because they need it while others will seek out a position until they have it and then discover they do not like it. These reasons are common in our society. Many people feel trapped within a job they do ... more
Diversity Hiring Fueling Tech Innovation
Around the world, women and people of color rely on tech gadgets that have sprung primarily from the minds of white men—but that’s about to change. As the Cherokee Nation works to preserve its vibrant culture, one of its goals is to save its language. Like most Native American tongues, the Cherokee language is at risk of extinction as fluent speakers enter old age and the younger generation learns mainly English. A unique partnership with Microsoft may very well turn the tide. “Our Native American Employee Network Group here at Microsoft and a Cherokee Nation team worked for over two ... more
Tips For Women Working In Tech
The tech industry has a gender problem. Let’s consider this: Women comprise only about a quarter of all employees at tech behemoths Apple, Google, Facebook, Oracle and Microsoft. When it comes to launching tech ventures, the situation only gets worse: Just 10% of high-growth tech company founders are women. Women make up a significant portion of the tech-consumer market — so it makes little sense that there is such disconnect in the professional spectrum. The benefits of a diversified workforce are numerous, especially considering that many American women are highly active on the Internet and social networking sites. Looking at ... more
Leaders Addressing Diversity Gaps
For all its cutting edge innovation and talk of egalitarianism, Silicon Valley remains an industry rife with issues. Just ask Cathryn Posey, a senior manager at software management maker Electric Cloud. On Thursday, Posey held the first annual Tech Superwomen Summit in San Francisco, California, a conference highlighting issues faced by women in STEM (science, mathematics, engineering and math). She cites a Harvard Business Review study last May reporting that 56% of all women in STEM leave their jobs mid-career for something entirely different. One likely culprit: issues caused by a lack of gender diversity in their workplace. "At the ... more
Women Climbing The Corporate Ladder
It's a tough climb to the c-suite — especially for women. Women make up only 4.6% of CEOs in S&P 500 companies, according to 2015 numbers from advocacy group Catalyst. Women accounted for only 3.3% of CEOs in the top 100 companies in Silicon Valley in 2014, according to numbers from Fenwick. It's not as though these companies have a small pool of women to choose from. In fact, women make up 45% of the labor force in S&P 500 companies. But that percentage dwindles on each step of the corporate ladder, meaning that there are fewer female candidates in ... more