Improvements in the gender wage gap have been made in the last 35 years, though very gradually. The gap is shrinking for a younger generation, however. more

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Peruse the Jobs Rated Report for 2015, and you'll notice careers linked to statistical and consumer analysis rank among the best: data scientist, market research analyst, statistician.

Data analysis plays an integral role in helping businesses tailor products and marketing to consumers. Analytics can also help predict risk in the workplace. And, as the U.S. Department of Labor ...


Searching for a job can be a tedious process requiring a great deal of time and effort. People are accustomed to using various methods to find job openings, hoping to increase their chances of getting an interview. Yes, the skills and qualifications listed on your resume are a determining factor in whether you will be chosen as a candidate, but ...


The top four issues on the minds of women business owners are the state of the economy (57%), health insurance cost and affordability (40%), business tax issues (36%), and access to a quality workforce (36%). This is among the findings of the State of Women-Owned Businesses survey conducted by the National Association of Women Business Owners and Group.

But ...


When it comes to retirement readiness, race and ethnicity matter. And according to a new study, whites are the most prepared.

Research from the National Institute on Retirement Security found that more than 60 percent of white households own assets in a retirement account, while more than 60 percent of Blacks and nearly 70 percent of Latinos do not—and those ...


College graduates have survived both the recession and ho-hum recovery far better than those without a degree, but black graduates who finished four years of college are suffering from unemployment rates that are painfully high compared with their white counterparts.

Among recent graduates ages 22 to 27, the jobless rate for black graduates last year was 12.4 percent versus 4.9 ...


Search for images of a "professor" on Google and this is what you'll find: a cornucopia of older white men standing authoritatively in front of a chalkboard.

This tired cliché has become the target of #ILookLikeaProfessor, a hashtag inviting professors who don't fit the stereotype to show the public that academics are a diverse bunch.

The callout has been a ...


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