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Gender Biases in the Workplace
By: Georgene Huang
How many times have you been told to smile? If you’re a woman, chances are you’ve been told to smile — not for a picture, but just because you should be smiling — far more than you’re comfortable with. And you’ve probably heard all these cringeworthy phrases before: “Why don’t you smile, sweetheart?” “Nobody likes a grumpy girl.” “You look so much nicer when you smile.” For many women, this is infuriating. It perpetuates the stereotype that female professionals should be happy and perky. It implies we aren’t allowed to be focused or hardworking. And, worst of all, the words ...
Diversity Age Differences
A new report from XpertHR explains the differences in managing generations with typically widely divergent views on employee-employer dynamics.
Gender Pay Gap
Improvements in the gender wage gap have been made in the last 35 years, though very gradually. The gap is shrinking for a younger generation, however.
Big Data Becoming An Important Tool For Workplace Diversity
Peruse the Jobs Rated Report for 2015, and you'll notice careers linked to statistical and consumer analysis rank among the best: data scientist, market research analyst, statistician. Data analysis plays an integral role in helping businesses tailor products and marketing to consumers. Analytics can also help predict risk in the workplace . And, as the U.S. Department of Labor outlines, employers can turn to data analysis to combat issues of workforce inequality. In a January 2016 column , the DOL details how the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission plans to implement statistics compiled from the Employer Information Report to better ...
Study: Women Still Not Getting to the Top Levels
Even though women make up more than half the workforce, they are still significantly underrepresented on corporate boards and in C-level executive positions, according to a new study released by Calvert Investments. The study, “Examining the Cracks in the Ceiling: A Survey of Corporate Diversity Practices of the S&P 100,” shows that 92 of 100 CEOs represented in the survey are white men...
Economic Equality Has Yet To Catch Up To Education
African-Americans have achieved tremendous gains in education over the past 50 years, but that has yet to translate into major progress toward economic equality, the National Urban League says in its latest State of Black America report. This year's report, "Redeem the Dream: Jobs Rebuild America," identifies unemployment as the biggest barrier to that progress. It also marks milestones in black history since 1963, the height of the civil rights movement. According to the report, released Wednesday during the league's annual legislative conference, 75 percent of black adults had not completed high school 50 years ago, compared with 15 percent ...
Cleveland Program Becoming An Example Of Entrepreneurial Opportunity
A new investment program designed to grow business in Northeast Ohio is helping minority-owned business enterprises (MBEs) and women-owned business enterprises (WBEs) take advantage of the region’s economic growth. Strategic investments and a booming manufacturing industry have combined to help Northeastern Ohio become one of the top six industrial markets in North America. In 2012, the region saw the creation of 36,383 jobs, $1.7 billion in payroll and $1.8 billion in capital investment, according to a report by local economic development organization Cleveland Plus. But in many ways, the investment boom is an unfinished story. Who ultimately benefits from this ...
Developing Comprehensive Diversity Programs For Transgender Inclusion
A growing audience is exploring previously unknown issues related to gender identification, thus gaining a newfound understanding and tolerance. It’s time for society as a whole, especially the workplace, to do the same. More and more businesses are recognizing the harassment and discrimination facing transgender individuals, even in the most liberal cities and industries. Transgender rights are slowly coming to the forefront, being confronted with the same level of seriousness as minorities, older workers, and the disabled. This makes good sense, as well as big dollars and cents, according to some in HR who have taken the lead on this ...
Incentivizing Diversity Referrals And Seeing Results
As a result of providing corporate diversity and STEM recruiting solutions, we receive lots of questions in this area. By far, the most frequently asked question is “What single best practice has the most dramatic impact on diversity recruiting results?” Well without hesitation, our answer is … “Focus your referral program on diversity and offer a significantly higher referral bonus for diversity hires.” You may think that paying an extra bonus amount for diversity referral hires is a theoretical approach, but you would be wrong. Intel is the latest firm to jump on the “diversity bonus” bandwagon. It recently announced ...
Is Your Diction Grounds for Discrimination?
You know how it goes when you're looking for a job : You email out a lot of resumes and wait to hear back. A few days later, you're still waiting. After about a week, you start calling the companies where you applied, asking each one if they got your resume, if the position is still open, and when they're going to call you in for an interview. You're polite, you're professional and you're persistent, but you might have just talked your way out of a job. You may be a victim of linguistic profiling, a form of discrimination where ...