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Racial discrimination has had a profoundly negative impact on the economy.
A new study finds that racial discrimination has had a profoundly negative impact on the economy, underscoring the importance of diversity-focused hiring.
Gender Biases in the Workplace
By: Georgene Huang
How many times have you been told to smile? If you’re a woman, chances are you’ve been told to smile — not for a picture, but just because you should be smiling — far more than you’re comfortable with. And you’ve probably heard all these cringeworthy phrases before: “Why don’t you smile, sweetheart?” “Nobody likes a grumpy girl.” “You look so much nicer when you smile.” For many women, this is infuriating. It perpetuates the stereotype that female professionals should be happy and perky. It implies we aren’t allowed to be focused or hardworking. And, worst of all, the words ...
Diversity Age Differences
A new report from XpertHR explains the differences in managing generations with typically widely divergent views on employee-employer dynamics.
Gender Pay Gap
Improvements in the gender wage gap have been made in the last 35 years, though very gradually. The gap is shrinking for a younger generation, however.
Big Data Becoming An Important Tool For Workplace Diversity
Peruse the Jobs Rated Report for 2015, and you'll notice careers linked to statistical and consumer analysis rank among the best: data scientist, market research analyst, statistician. Data analysis plays an integral role in helping businesses tailor products and marketing to consumers. Analytics can also help predict risk in the workplace . And, as the U.S. Department of Labor outlines, employers can turn to data analysis to combat issues of workforce inequality. In a January 2016 column , the DOL details how the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission plans to implement statistics compiled from the Employer Information Report to better ...
How to Identify Hidden Biases
Have you looked around the office and noticed the managers all happen to be male? Perhaps the clerical staff are predominantly female. What is the general ratio between white and non-white employees? Is there a disabled member of your staff that doesn't seem to be advancing, even though he/she is as exemplary as his/her counterparts? These are the kinds of questions that need to be asked when it comes to identifying hidden biases in the workplace. How to Identify Hidden Biases If you are a Human Resources employee, the buck starts with you. If you are not an HR staffer, ...
Tips for Women Entrepreneurs
You had the vision, passion and courage to start your own business and become a woman entrepreneur. You took that first giant step. Now you need to take the next step, and start running that marathon. You need a trainer, a need investment funding. In my recent interview with Mia Toschi on Ebru Today, we talked about some tips for women entrepreneurs to succeed. One tip is to network at conferences, and when the opportunity arises, pitch your business plan and/or products. I understand how challenging it is to pitch your business and products to investors, the media or ...
Challenges For Job Seekers 50 Years And Older
A new Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll finds many people over 50 reporting great difficulty finding work and feeling that their age is a factor. After Worboys was laid off and his hunt for another teaching job was fruitless, he sought counseling positions. When those leads dried up, he applied for jobs in juvenile detention centers, in sales and elsewhere. He finally settled for part-time work, all the while still scouring online listings and sending out applications each week. "They're looking for the younger person," he said. "They look at the number 65 and they don't bother ...
Investment In Diversity In Technology In 2015
It’s time for the tech industry to walk the walk when it comes to women and minorities in the tech and gaming industries. That’s the surprise message delivered by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich as he unveiled a $300 million diversity initiative and a plan to make his company diverse from top to bottom. “It’s not enough to say we value diversity,” said Krzanich, unless his company and the industry fully represent women and minorities. He noted the wave of diversity reports from major technology companies, virtually all of which paint a bleak picture of diversity, with many of the companies' ...
Building Workplace Diversity Starts With You
Six years and several jobs in politics and corporate finance later, I've learned how to put the theory into practice as well as how to show leadership on diversity — wherever you are in your career. 1. Learn what diversity actually means A common mistake people make is to think diversity only pertains to race and gender. It's completely understandable: Whether we're male or female, black or white, gender and race are social characteristics we notice about each other almost immediately. Just remember, diversity also includes characteristics you may not be able to see, like disability, sexuality, and religious beliefs. ...