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Know Your Rights: What Interviewers Can't Ask You
Fortunately, most businesses recognize the value of hiring a diverse workforce, and they make sure interviewers understand and respect that goal. For those companies, equal employment opportunities are the norm. However, discrimination still occurs during job interviews every day, which can prevent qualified candidates from being hired and subvert the benefits that a diverse workforce creates. To be sure, one of the most insidious settings where your rights can be violated is the job interview. The questioner may be prejudiced or ignorant; whatever the reason, you are asked questions that employers are not permitted to ask job applicants. Here’s an ... more
5 Leading Healthcare Diversity CEO's
Diversity in the workplace is important, especially in the healthcare field, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be able to figure out which employers embrace diversity just by looking at the stock photos on a company brochure. It helps if the company promotes diverse candidates to the highest positions, and in the healthcare field, there are a number of CEOs of major firms. That's good news, too, because healthcare continues to be a bright light in terms of employment opportunities, and will continue to grow, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here are five diverse CEOs who ... more
Companies Balance Work And Life
In today’s consumer marketplace, people can customize and personalize just about anything they want, from clothing to ring tones. So why not careers? Despite the recession, nearly 81 percent of U.S. employers are maintaining and 13 percent are increasing the flexibility they offer their employees, according to a Families and Work Institute study. And the most progressive companies, The DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity, offer more benefits with more sustainable results. In the past, flexible schedules most often were granted to new mothers and those with serious family concerns, such as a terminally ill relative. Today, however, progressive companies ... more
Diversity Connection on Social Media
It's easy to determine how many users actively engage with each major social network. The companies reveal that information at every earnings call. When it comes to divulging the demographics of their user bases, however, companies such as Facebook and Twitter remain tight-lipped. But now we know the most racially diverse social network in the U.S.: congratulations, Instagram. The data was revealed in a Wall Street Journal story about Twitter touting its diversity to lure advertisers. Twitter has gone so far as to hire a "multicultural strategist" in November to lead "its effort to target black, Hispanic and Asian-American users." ... more
Practices For Diversity Recruiting In STEM
Unfortunately, I have found that corporate recruiting leaders spend way too much time complaining about the many problems associated with successfully recruiting STEM women and other diversity hires. What is needed is less talk and more practical, proven recruiting solutions. The goal of this complete article is to provide 25+ leading-edge best practices in recruiting that have proven to be effective at major firms. Referrals Are the Best Way to Successfully Recruit Top STEM Women Among all sources, referrals routinely produce the best on-the-job performers with the highest retention rates. But they can be especially effective on employed women. This ... more
Tech Gender Gap Starts at Entry-Level Opportunities
Women aren't even landing many entry-level jobs in the tech industry, per a new report — but proceed with caution before chalking it up to a problem with the talent pool. According to the report , from McKinsey, women in the tech industry hold only 37% of entry-level jobs. That number is significantly lower than the 47% of women who, on average, are offered entry-level positions in other industries. McKinsey attributed the disparities to the tech industry's "pipeline problem," or that the tech industry doesn't have enough women with relevant college degrees in its talent pool. READ MORE AT MASHABLEmore