Diversity Connection on Social Media

Diversity Connection on Social Media

It's easy to determine how many users actively engage with each major social network. The companies reveal that information at every earnings call. When it comes to divulging the demographics of their user bases, however, companies such as Facebook and Twitter remain tight-lipped.


But now we know the most racially diverse social network in the U.S.: congratulations, Instagram. The data was revealed in a Wall Street Journal story about Twitter touting its diversity to lure advertisers.

Twitter has gone so far as to hire a "multicultural strategist" in November to lead "its effort to target black, Hispanic and Asian-American users."

The data, compiled by the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project, explored the racial breakdown of users on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. It turns out that Instagram has the highest percentage of "black, non-Hispanic" users at 20%, and the highest percentage of "Hispanic" users at 17%.