Hispanic Job Seekers with a College Degree Have Abundant Opportunities in Health Care

Hispanic Job Seekers with a College Degree Have Abundant Opportunities in Health Care

A college degree is an invaluable credential for the growing workforce of Hispanic and Latino job seekers, while the health care industry provides them with the most new career opportunities, according to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report released in conjunction with National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Unemployment for Hispanic workers with a college degree is 5.7%, significantly lower than the rate among those with some college (9.1%), a high school diploma (10.3%) and no high school diploma (12%).

A degree translates into far more job opportunities, particularly in the industries with the highest job potential for the nation’s fastest growing demographic. The BLS reports that the U.S. Hispanic population is now 23 million, up 14 million from 1988. The health care and social assistance fields employ over two million Hispanic workers, while another 1.4 million work in educational services. Medical and health service manager is the career for new hiring, with median pay and a growth outlook that matches the BLS projected expanse of the Hispanic labor force. In addition, secondary teaching provides numerous opportunities in the educational services field. Both positions require at least a Bachelor’s degree.

Where to Look

Health care provider Kaiser Permanente topped the Diversity Inc. Top 10 Companies for Latinos in 2012. Kaiser Permanente’s opportunities for diversity management are almost unrivaled, making it a worthwhile destination for those entering into the aforementioned medical health service and management industry.

It’s no coincidence that Kaiser Permanente is headquartered in Oakland, either. Hispanic job seekers have the most opportunities in California, Texas, Nevada and Arizona, reports the BLS. New Mexico tops the list of states with the highest percentage of employed Hispanic workers, accounting for 42% of the state’s overall workforce.

Among the Land of Enchantment’s top employers are the University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, Lovelace Healthcare and Presbyterian Health Plan: all organizations that fit the BLS data for health care and educational services.