Leaders Addressing Diversity Gaps

Leaders Addressing Diversity Gaps

For all its cutting edge innovation and talk of egalitarianism, Silicon Valley remains an industry rife with issues.

Just ask Cathryn Posey, a senior manager at software management maker Electric Cloud. On Thursday, Posey held the first annual Tech Superwomen Summit in San Francisco, California, a conference highlighting issues faced by women in STEM (science, mathematics, engineering and math).

She cites a Harvard Business Review study last May reporting that 56% of all women in STEM leave their jobs mid-career for something entirely different. One likely culprit: issues caused by a lack of gender diversity in their workplace.

"At the end of the day, you can get depressed if you think about the stats, or if you think about how biased work is, and you can shut down," says Posey. "We’ll never solve the problem if we don’t have women and men talking together about how to address this."