Work Flexibility For Stay-At Home Dads

Work Flexibility For Stay-At Home Dads

On the one hand, they’re workplace progressives—demanding more scheduling flexibility than perhaps any generation before.

On the other, you might say they are traditionalists—wanting conventional benefits like robust disability and life insurance packages that offer financial stability.

“They” are Millennial employees who’ve become parents. And among these 18- to-33-year-old workers, fathers increasingly expect their employers to help them play a key role in their children’s rearing, according to The Hartford’s 2015 Millennial Parenthood Survey.

“Millennial men are approaching parenthood differently than previous generations, which means employers should factor in fathers when they build benefit plans and work/life policies,” said The Hartford’s Millennial workplace expert Lindsey Pollak. “Meeting the needs of this next generation of parents will be critical for businesses as we count down to 2020—the year when Millennials are expected to be 50 percent of the U.S. workforce.”