Working Across Generations

Working Across Generations

In today’s workplace, texting Millennials in jeans work alongside baby boomers, who entered the workforce wearing suits long before the Internet was in common use. Sandwiched in between are Gen Xers, who have their own unique history and a decidedly entrepreneurial spirit.

There’s been plenty of buzz about generation gaps in the workplace, but what’s really happening behind the scenes? And how are companies keeping smart, skilled employees—of every age and life stage—happy and productive?

Savvy companies are finding that generational diversity brings a special richness to the workplace, and they’re actively fostering relationships between employees of different ages. The rewards can be great for the bottom line, and along the way, employees, young and older, are discovering—surprise, surprise—that they have plenty of common ground.

Embracing All Ages

Although the unemployment rate has dropped only slightly in the past year, a recent survey by ManpowerGroup revealed that more and more companies are struggling to find highly skilled, educated, and experienced employees. Fifty-two percent of U.S. employers are having trouble filling “mission-critical” positions, up from 14 percent in 2010.

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